About Bay Area Engineers
BAE is a group of the San Francisco Bay Area's most talented engineers serving the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Founded by industry veteran Bill Haish, the company applies cutting edge expertise to each of its client's needs while reducing or eliminating unnecessary costs.

BAE is not a temp agency, but a team of skilled and experienced consultants who provide the solutions that companies need on a short-term or long-term basis. This results in lower overhead and higher profits for its clients while bringing a more effective resolution to the tough issues companies face in today's competitive market.

We provide on-demand expertise that brings innovative solutions to even the most difficult tasks. And because you use our expert consultants on an as-needed basis, your overhead is lower than if you had to keep specialists in a given area of knowledge on staff in-house.

BAE offers expertise combined with the knowledge, insight, and perception to aid small and midsize companies in meeting the challenges they encounter quickly and effectively, reducing life cycle cost and improving operational performance. BAE offers both valued employees and affiliates that can be called on in every situation.

For more information on how BAE can make a difference for your company, call toll free 1.800.707.1465 or email us at info@bayareaengineers.com