BAE and Solar Power

Solar power installations are a growing source of green energy. Solar panels, known as photovoltaic panels, can generate enough power to meet both large commercial and small industrial needs. BAE works with clients to select and install the best solar power alternatives for both business and manufacturing clients.

Photovoltaic Explained

Photovoltaic energy is the most promising and popular form of solar energy. Sunlight provides photons--small particles of energy that are absorbed as they pass through the silicon receptors of a solar panel. The photons agitate the electrons found in the material of the photovoltaic cell. As they begin to move they are "routed" into a current. This is commercially exploitable electricity that provides a ready source of clean green power.

Removing Pharmaceutical Waste
BAE is positioned to provide a turnkey plant for the removal of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) from wastewater. Pharmaceutical plants and biotech plants use water in many of their manufacturing and cleaning processes. At trace levels the active ingredients leave the facility in the wastewater and pass through public treatment facilities and enter nearby bodies of water. Conventional water treatment processes do not remove APIs. Growing public concern and anticipated government PIE (pharmaceuticals in the environment) regulations are going to require companies to fully address this issue. BAE is ready now to design and build wastewater treatment facilities for the removal of APIs that will meet industrial needs and the requirements of government regulatory agencies.