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Lean Manufacturing
  • Lean Assessments
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Is your operation lean? Is your operation maximizing profits? With the guidance of BAE experts, you can use the lean manufacturing approach to systematically evaluate the performance of your manufacturing plant. LM methods let you identify and remove inefficiencies (waste) from your manufacturing process. This can be as simple as improving material flow to the more advanced application of Pull Manufacturing and Rhythm Wheels. Lean manufacturing has been the solution many manufacturing plants have utilized to increase capacity. By increasing the overall utilization of the manufacturing plant, through the implementation of lean principles, major capital investments can often be avoided. BAE has firsthand experience in helping manufacturing plants increase their throughput by as much one to two hundred percent by adopting lean principles. Even mature operations have found they can exceed what they thought was their full capacity with these proven methods.

    Organizationally, the lean manufacturing approach focuses on processes, not people, allowing for buy-in from all participants, including operators, technical staff, and management.